Build an Audience

Build an Audience

Building an audience and getting the word out there can happen through a multitude of ways.

Build awareness

You’ll need to actively spread awareness for your first few events, to build a community of attendees in your local area. In terms of who comes to SOUP events, as mentioned it will be determined in part by who the organising committee is and what channels you use to spread the word about events.

Remember the aim is to bring neighbours together, so think about local community groups - both online and offline - as potential sources of guests. Typically we have capped ticket sales for our city-wide events at 100. With a local suburb-based event, we aim for closer to 50.

Some channels we use to build awareness include:

  • Posters in local area
  • Facebook groups in the area
  • Local council
  • Entrepreneurial hubs
  • Community newsletters
  • Your local Good Karma Network (opens in a new tab) group if applicable (ask for permission first)

Online ticketing platform

To conduct the ticket sales we use Humanitix (opens in a new tab), which is like Eventbrite (opens in a new tab) only they donate some of the profits made from booking fees to other charities.

Through running 7 SOUP events plus a couple of other events, and selling roughly 700 tickets through the platform, we’ve donated $250. We recommend cross promoting the event into various channels of your choosing, however the actual event signup is hosted through Humanitix.

Example Event:
Feel free to check out one of our previous facebook events SOUP #7 to copy/paste and edit the blurb as you see fit: (opens in a new tab)

Last updated on February 5, 2023