Decide on Ticket Pricing

Decide on ticket pricing

How you price tickets is up to you as the organisers. However you can follow the principles that have worked for us.

Our pricing model

Initially we set a flat fee of $15 per attendee. In which $10 went to the winning project and $5 went to cover costs. However now we encourage a pay as you feel model.

  1. $0 (free) = general admission \
  2. $5 = to cover costs
  3. $10 = $5 to cover costs, $5 to presenters pot
  4. $15 = $5 to cover costs, $10 to presenters pot
  5. $20 = $10 to cover costs, $10 to presenters pot

To process event signups, we highly recommend using a platform such as Humanitix, as it can help with overall administration of the event and promotion. However you can take tickets via cash on the door if you wish, this adds increase risk and effort in our opinion.

Set your budget

Your ticket pricing decision will affect your budget for the event. The more you can have donated from local businesses and organisations, the better. To give you a rough idea, we previously tended to budget $150 for 100 people events, which predominantly goes on catering. We would encourage you as much as possible to reach out to potential businesses to sponsor and partner the event.

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Last updated on February 5, 2023