Application Form Samples

Application form samples

Expression of interest form

|-|-| |Full Name||


|Email Address||

|Project Name||

|How did you hear about SOUP?||

| In a few sentences, let us know what your idea, initiative, project or event is about. If you have any social media profiles already, feel free to include them. We’ll then be in touch, so don’t sweat too much about the details.||

Full application form

|-|-| |Project Name||

|Website (if applicable)||

|Please provide a short summary of your idea/project.|| |In your summary you might want to include: What is it? What inspired you to pursue it? Who’s involved? How will it work? ||

|Please describe the benefits of your idea/project to your local area.|| |How will you achieve these benefits?||

|Tell us how you’ve been going so far with the idea/project (traction).|| |This could include conversations with family/friends, social media following, planning for an event, or products sold.||

|The presenter who receives the most votes goes home with a few hundred dollars (depending on crowd donations). We want to give an opportunity to ideas and projects that would significantly benefit from this level of community support.|| |What are your plans for this funding? Please provide specific examples such as holding an event, buying supplies, running a marketing campaign.||

|What else are you hoping to gain from talking at a SOUP event?||

Last updated on February 5, 2023