What is SOUP?

What is SOUP?

We launched in February 2019, and in our first year we hosted 7 SOUP events across the city, bringing over 630 people together and raising $6,448 for projects.

The way a typical SOUP night works:

  • Attendees register for a ticket
  • People or groups present an idea or project that benefits the local community where the event is being hosted
  • Everyone gets a bowl of soup (Yes real soup)
  • Attendees use a token to vote for one of the presenters
  • There is live entertainment from a local musician
  • Votes are counted and the presenter with the most votes goes home with money generated from ticket sales

‌The only rules we have are:

  • No technology during the presentations
    (So no Powerpoint or presenter slides, just a microphone)
  • The ideas/projects being presented are based in the local area

Part of the essence of a SOUP event is that most of what’s involved is voluntary - the venue, the entertainment, and the organising team’s time.

Having said that, SOUP takes margin of $5 from every ticket that is sold to cover event costs and make a small profit on each event to fund ongoing operational expenses.

Importantly, our SOUP events are not start-up pitch nights. Some projects may present like a start-up pitch, however we don't want to limit peoples opportunities for the types of projects they can pitch.

What’s more is that SOUP is not the granter of the funds - the people voting are.

We do invite the presenter who receives the funding back to the next event, and follow-up with all presenters to see if we can help them afterwards.

It’s not on us to ensure the likelihood of the projects succeeding. It is our hope that the attendees will connect and encourage the success of the project.

Ultimately we exist to put on feel-good events that bring neighbours together to connect with each other and local projects in a fun and wholesome

Attendee refections:

How would you describe SOUP?:

“An evening of true sharing. I had a wonderful opportunity to hear unique stories, live music, and learn of inspiring local initiatives. Oh, and did I mention soup?”
Deeds, Attendee at Melbourne SOUP #4

“An inclusive and supportive community of people wanting to make the world a better place."
Beth, Attendee at Melbourne SOUP #5

Prior to COVID-19, Melbourne SOUP ran city-wide events that aimed to build a community of people interested in doing good from across Melbourne.

As of 2021, our focus has shifted towards organising suburb-based events that bring neighbours together to connect and support local, grassroots initiatives.

Last updated on February 5, 2023